Research Fields

The main research activities and expertise of FERST researchers include kinetics of chilled and frozen food during and post processing, development and application of Time Temperature Integrator systems as quality monitors of food products for the management of the food cold chain, nonthermal processing of foods, microbiological and physicochemical analysis of foods and quality and safety factors and shelf-life predictive modelling, as well as the development of process evaluation tools

Predictive Modelling

  • Mathematical models development

  • Microbial growth

  • Enzyme/Microbial inactivation

  • Shelf-life modelling

  • Food quality kinetics

Shelf life studies

  • Accelerated stability tests

  • Frozen and chilled conditions

  • Cold chain simulation studies

  • Field test studies

Nonthermal Processing

  • High Pressure (HP)

  • Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF)

  • Osmotic Dehydration (OD)

  • Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP)

  • Ultrasounds (US)

Food Process Evaluation & Design

  • New product development

  • Process evaluation tools

  • Optimum process conditions

Cold Chain Management Tools

  • Time-Temperature-Intergrators (TTIs)

  • Field tests along the cold chain

  • Development of cold managemnt systems

  • Cold Chain Database

Packaging Technologies

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

  • Edible films & coatings

  • Intelligent packaging: Time temperature intergrators (TTIs)

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