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FERST contributions to conferences and meetings

30th EFFoST International Conference

28-30 November 2016

Vienna, Austria

Smart TTI labels from conception to application: State of the art and future prospects
P.S. Taoukis

Experimental validation of TTI smart labels for monitoring histamine formation in fish
T.N. Tsironi, M.N. Giannoglou, A. Ntzimani, P.S. Taoukis

Design and development of fresh‐cut fruit products minimally processed by osmosis and high pressure or air drying for increased shelf-life

K. Panteleakou, E. Dermesonlouoglou, G. Katsaros, P. Taoukis

Modelling the effect of pulsed electric fields on yeast extract production by autolysis

G. Dimopoulos, N. Stefanou, V. Andreou, G. Katsaros, P. Taoukis

Study of high pressure and pulsed electric fields technologies applicability to improve quality and productivity of fruit and vegetable industrial products

V. Andreou, G. Dimopoulos, G. Katsaros, P. Taoukis 

Effect of an enzyme assisted debittering process combined with high pressure on Navel orange juice quality and flavor compounds

E. Gogou, A. OrfanoudakiI, D. Tsimogiannis P. Taoukis

Research on novel applications of high pressure processing beyond nonthermal pasteurization

P. Taoukis, G. Katsaros, M. Giannoglou, E. Gogou, M. Tsevdou

Shelf-life modelling of chicken cuts in modified atmosphere and in edible films with antimicrobial agents

A. Kalamaras,A. Ntzimani, T. Tsironi, P. Taoukis

TTI smart labels for monitoring histamine formation in seafood

T. Tsironi, M. Giannoglou, P. Ronnow, P. Taoukis

Effect of pulsed electric fields on the drying process of sweet potato

G. Dimopoulos, T. Tsonas, V. Andreou, G. Katsaros, P. Taoukis

Application of osmotic dehydration to improve the quality of dried goji berry

E. Dermesonlouoglou, A. Chalkia, G. Katsaros, P. Taoukis

A pilot scale study of the application of high pressure and enzymatic treatment of milk with transglutaminase in yoghurt production

M. Tsevdou, G, Theodorou, M. Markantoni, E. Platakou, A. Hatzigeorgiou, I. Politis, P. Taoukis

2016 IFT Annual Meeting

16-19 July, 2016

Chicago, USA

Improving Drying Characteristics and Quality of Goji Berry Using Non-thermal Pretreatments: Pulsed Electric Field and Osmotic Dehydration​

Modelling of Virgin Olive Oil Extraction Yield Increase from Pulsed Electric Fields treated Olive Paste combined with different malaxation conditions

Effect of Pulsed Electric Fields on yeast extract production by autolysis

4th ISEKI Food Conference

06-08 July, 2016

Vienna, Austria

Comparative study of the effect of thermal and nonthermal pasteurization on pomegranate juice quality

S. Kottaridis, E. Gogou, P. Taoukis

Quality assessment of pulsed electric field pretreated osmodehydrofrozen kiwi fruit slices

E. Dermsonlouoglou, I. Zahariou, V. Andreou, P. Taoukis

Training food scientists in novel technologies principles and applications for producing high quality safe food products of long shelf-life

G. Katsaros, O. Schluter, A. Allende, P. Taoukis, J. Ehlbeck, J. Szczepek, V. Valdramidis

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