National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the top Technical University in Greece. The Research Committee of NTUA administers over 600 research projects, representing a budget of 15-20 million euro per year. The Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology (LFCT) belongs to the Department of Synthesis and Development of Industrial Processes of the School of Chemical Engineering and is staffed by 3 Professors, 3 permanent researchers, 4 Post-doctoral researchers, 12 PhD candidates and 20 Diploma research thesis students.
"NUTRI salad bars" won the 1st award of the Ecotrophelia Greece 2021
Nutri Salad Bars ΝΙΚΗΤΕΣ euro2day.jpg
The first prize in the 11th National Competition ÉCOTROPHÉLIA 2021 was awarded to the product "NUTRI salad bars" developed by the NTUA Chemical Engineering Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology (FERST).
NUTRI salad bars are innovative, ecologically friendly savory cereal bars in three flavors inspired by Greek and Mediterranean diet (Greek salad bar ingredients: tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, olive oil;  Green salad bar ingredients: vegetables such as spinach, rocket; Legumes salad bar ingredients: legumes).

NTUA-FERST will represent Greece in the European Competition ÉCOTROPHÉLIA EUROPE 2021, which will be held on October 24, 2021.

Team: A. Limnaios, M. Katsouli (Supervisors) C. Vassilios, T. Vintzilaiou, S. Stathis. A. Christodoulou (Team members)
AVOYOG receives the 1st award in Ecotrophelia 2017, Greece & Europe
AVOYOG is a functional smoothie beverage containing fresh avocado and Greek yoghurt whey, enriched with prebiotic fibers, vitamin C and natural herb extract. It is free of preservatives, colour additives and others, and most importantly no sugar is added. High Pressure processing used for the cold pasteurization to achieve microbiological stability contributes to the preservation of “fresh-like” flavour, taste, appearance and nutritional properties (similar to the freshly blended and prepared smoothie beverages). One essential characteristic is that “AVOYOG” is an eco-friendly product since it uses strained (Greek or Greek-type) yoghurt industry by-product (acid whey), the exploitation of which is a major issue for the dairy industry.
Team E. Dermesonlouoglou, V. Andreou (Supervisors) E. Paraskevopoulou (Team manager) E. Papamichail, Z. Xanthou, E. Sarantakou (Team members)

Cold Chain Database has been developed by a systematic data collection for the purpose of identification and evaluation of the weak links in the cold chain for different types of chilled and frozen products. Data collection was achieved in the FRISBEE project framework. The Cold Chain Database was constructed in order to develop a user friendly on line platform where collected data from all cold chain stages can be retrievable and available to be used from candidate users (consortium members, beneficiary members, industry and research institutes). Users able to retrieve time-Temperature profiles of specific products along the cold chain using search criteria such as Stage/step of the cold chain, Food storage temperature range, Characterization of food, Food product etc.

Everyone active in the field of food cold chain can register and join forces to expand the Cold Chain Database.

For more information please contact us at: frisbee@chemeng.ntua.gr 



Available data on bacterial survival, growth and inactivation as well as changes in the quality attributes (physical, chemical, etc.) of foods under various conditions have been collected in the framework of the SOPHY project (http://www.sophy-project.eu). Sources include scientific literature, existing databases, previous research projects and other unpublished data. 


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Cold Chain Predictor is a software tool designed by IRSTEA (National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, former CEMAGREF) and NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) in the framework of FRISBEE project. The purpose of this tool is to reproduce a time/temperature history by simulating a cold chain. This tool is based on nearly 13.000 time temperature profiles obtained for different food products along the European cold chain. The profiles have been contributed by FRISBEE consortium members, beneficiary members, industry and research institutes to the Cold Chain Database.



29th EFFoST International Conference

10-12 November, 2015

Athens, Greece 

2015 International 
Nonthermal Processing

12-13 November, 2015

Athens, Greece

High pressure, pulsed electric fields and ozonation novel processes and applicability to improve quality and productivity of Greek fruit and vegetable industrial products

23 October, 2015

Athens, Greece

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